Let’s Hear it for Phil Wade!

This is not effectively a blogpost as such.

But Phil Wade did such a marvellous job of compiling the criticisms and responses on his website and getting us Dogmeticians all rallying together and sharing our views (and then realising we don’t necessarily think in the same way) that I felt his blogpost deserves a space here.

Including responses by Dale Coulter, Chiew Pang, Oli Beddall, Adam Beale, and of course, Phil Wade himself,

here is: EFL Experiment 2: The Ultimate Dogme Criticisms and Responses


Author: Chia Suan Chong

I am a writer, communication skills trainer and a teacher trainer based in York, UK. I have been English Teaching Professional's resident blogger since 2012 and have a regular feature in their bimonthly magazine. My book Successful International Communication was published in Dec 2018.

10 thoughts on “Let’s Hear it for Phil Wade!”

  1. Cheers guys. It was a real pleasure to set up and read. Hopefully, it sort of catches a n image of where Dogme is now for us who contributed. And as Chiew says, we don’t all call it Dogme as it is our own teaching. Holistic, IPE…

  2. I echo the ‘hear hear’s…. which makes for a ‘hear hear hear hear’.

    BTW, did you know that to make a plural form in Malay you double a word… so “tables = table table”. Tricky when the word as a singular is already a double, as it is for butterfly—- rama rama… so butterflies are “rama rama rama rama”. Tongue twisters must be deadly!

    And back to Phil, he’s the man!!!! Off 2 catch up on his dogme tomes.

      1. @chiew… I know nothing of Malay personally but read it recently in a fun etymology book called “The Etymologicon”. Do you speak Malay, Chiew? Would love to hear more. I’ll let the author know he might’ve overstepped a rule there (already caught one for him in French). Shootin you off an email now 2 explore!

        Mata Mata= Double eyes… huh? Love it.

  3. Brad, you never cease to amaze me with your ability to throw some fascinating etymology in to a conversation…. You too Phil, with the fantastic collection of Dogme arguments. I’m still trying to think of extra bits I want to add.

  4. As Chiew pointed out, we can keep commenting and as then writers can even add more Q/As if they want. We might end up with a Dogme bible. It’s sort of for my Dogme anniversary next month. Maybe ‘a year of Dogme’ might be a good post.

  5. Group hug, indeed! Sorry, I’ve been offline for a couple of days and it’s really heartening to see all the PLN comments here. I can so feel the love being spread around…
    Love you guys!!!

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