My introductory post with ELT Knowledge

ELT Knowledge is the website that houses the big ELT journals like ETp (English Teaching Professional) and MET (Modern English Teacher), and archives the previous issues of each journal.

And I am ever so privileged to be blogging for them!

Click here to read my first introductory post about Continual Professional Development (CPD)!

Author: Chia Suan Chong

I am a writer, communication skills trainer and a teacher trainer based in York, UK. I have been English Teaching Professional's resident blogger since 2012 and have a regular feature in their bimonthly magazine. My book Successful International Communication was published in Dec 2018.

6 thoughts on “My introductory post with ELT Knowledge”

    1. Thanks, Naomi.
      I know what you mean about them being not that long ago.
      But to be honest, even when the internet was in full swing, it did take me quite a while before I even got broadband connection at home!
      I used to think, ‘What are all these people doing on the computer all day? I just spend 5 minutes checking my email and that’s it!’

      Gosh, if only I could see myself now!

      Quick, tear me away from my mobile devices!


  1. Thanks Chia,
    Your post is lovely, encouraging, supportive,
    I have been teaching for over 20 years and the more I learn the more I need to go on the learning road.

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